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About LexHoldingsLLC

Legal entity LexHoldingsLLC is a business company registered in Colorado with the business ID "20201012559". This business type is "Limited Liability Company". This business was created on "01/05/2020". This business office address is "10120 Yampa Street, Commerce City, CO 80022 US". Current registered agent is Alex Justice Aigbe.

Business Information

Business Name: LexHoldingsLLC
Business ID: 20201012559 Status: Good Standing
Business Type: Limited Liability Company
Formation Date: 01/05/2020 Jurisdicton: CO
Business Address: 10120 Yampa Street, Commerce City, CO 80022 US
Mailing Address: -

Registered Agent

Agent Name: Alex Justice Aigbe
Agent Address: 10120 Yampa Street, Commerce City, CO 80022 US
Agent Mailing Address: 10120 Yampa Street, Commerce City, CO 80022 US

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